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Barbell Club

"Where our women lift more than other gyms men"


BCSC is known for more than increasing quality of life while adding years to your life. We are also known for having one of the most most successful group of competitive athletes in the 4 States and beyond which we call the "Barbell Club". We are not people who say we are the best, we aggressively prove it often by taking our team of competitive athletes all over to take every title possible. Currently we are sitting on 60+ state and national records in various strength sports. 

If you are in the Barbell Club do you have to compete?

Not at all. Many people join the Barbell Club because they want to increase their quality of life and add years to their life, but do not enjoy cardio and would prefer to do it the old fashioned way. Those that do though are the people in our community who strive to be the strongest and most athletic they possible can be. Competing is absolutely optional, but those who do love it, especially since we always win. Our athletes in the Barbell Club that are competitive are trophy hunters and record setters.  These record setters include not just adults, but even our youth lifters. 

What makes the Barbell Club so successful?

Science. Everything we do, every lift, every rep has a specific reason based on true scientific research. There is no guess work or theory. We are not "bros" lifting weights randomly in a gym. The Barbell Club is based in science and built with a base in the Conjugate Method, made successful by Westside Barbell which is legitimately the strongest gym on the Earth. Within or base in the Conjugate Method we blended with the Texas Method and the 5/3/1 Method.  Our head coach, Jeremy Augusta extensively and passionately  studies the science of strength training  and the results are proven by the constant setting of records in competitions. 


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